stone fountain on gravel court in front of the house

Fresh spring water from the fountain

Recently, we have installed a fountain in our court. However, the water that splashes from its pipe into the basin below has a much longer history. Since about 1800, we have had a water supply at the Oberhaushof farm from a spring above Feldbach. This water used to supply the wash house, where the recreation room for our guests is located today. It also fed a fountain in front of the entrance of the old “Trotte” building.
room with seating area, mirrored chest of drawers and two joined beds

Renovation done and B&B completed

From mid-January to early May, three rooms on the first floor on the west side of the Oberhaus were gently renovated. They now complement the existing accommodations of the B&B Oberhaushof as double rooms. The rooms were furnished with furniture from the inventory of the house.
visualisation of a bathroom cube in a room

Renovation break from January to May: we are expanding the B&B

From mid-January to the beginning of May, all rooms in the Oberhaus will remain closed. Only the holiday maisonette in the annex of the “Trotte” building will remain open for booking during this time. The reason for this temporary closure is a pleasant one: we are expanding the bed & breakfast. In addition to the existing three studios in the Oberhaus, which can also be booked as double rooms, three new double rooms will be open to our guests from May.
hand holding a lantern

Find the secret treasure hidden in the Oberhaus

As you would expect in a grand old house, the Oberhaus is teeming with secret hiding places and ingenious locks waiting to be picked. Our children always loved to explore the house to the farthest corners when they were here on holiday. There were cupboards, nooks and crannies to crawl into everywhere.
wooden boxes with groceries and lavender pillows

Local apple juice and home-made lavender cushions

Even though the Oberhaus is not housed by farmers anymore, the countryside around the Bed & Breakfast is still used for farming. This inspired Maja to offer our guests products from around here as souvenirs of your stay with us.
flower bicycle in front of the view of Feldbach bay

From orchard to lawn

On the south side of the Oberhaus, there is a rectangular lawn bordered by a band of flowerbeds. The terrain around it slopes down towards the fields, but the garden runs at ground level to the Oberhaus and is guarded by a wall to the south.
blue wing chair with side table

Grandfather’s favourite armchair makes a comeback

You can find a lot of upholstered furniture in the rooms of the Oberhaus. Some pieces are uncomfortably stiff, others are so soft you sink right into them. A few, however, are so comfortable they make you want to sprawl in them for hours. For a long time, a particularly pleasant piece of upholstered furniture stood in the former living room in the front parlour.
wall lizard on stone wall

Swift sunbathers visit our garden

There are many different animals on our farm: Our five bantams, which provide the breakfast eggs for the Bed & Breakfast, live in the henhouse below the court. Occasionally, you can see a few cows grazing on the grassland beyond the farm buildings, and further down near the lakeshore, our neighbour keeps pigs. In and around the Oberhaus, you often come across our cat Luigi.
lengthened and widened four-poster bed in room

Antique four-poster beds for our future guests

In spring, the B&B Oberhaushof will open its doors, and life will return to the Oberhaus. Our guests will stay in historic rooms furnished with old furniture from the house as well as more modern furniture. Two real gems are the four-poster beds from 1730 and 1734 which we have prepared for our guests.
two bantams in the meadow

Welcome to our hens

10 months ago, when we had decided to move from Winterthur to Feldbach and open up a bed & breakfast together on the Oberhaushof farm, Maja said right from the beginning: “I want to keep chickens on the farm!” On Saturday, the moment finally arrived that the two bantams Lotta and Perle moved in with us.