Fresh spring water from the fountain


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, we have installed a fountain in our court. However, the water that splashes from its pipe into the basin below has a much longer history.

drawing of the half-timbered house “Alte Trotte” with a fountain in front of it
There is a fountain in front of the entrance of the “Trotte” building on this drawing by Viktor Wildhaber.

Since about 1800, we have had a water supply at the Oberhaushof farm from a spring above Feldbach. This water used to supply the wash house, where the recreation room for our guests is located today. It also fed a fountain in front of the entrance of the old “Trotte” building. Today, nothing remains of this fountain – only a picture by the painter Viktor Wildhaber and an old water plan (to which we have dedicated a blog post on the website of the Ausstellung Oberhaushof) testify that it must have existed.

As was probably the case with the old fountain, the water from the new fountain is drained into the former manure trough, which is located underneath the replacement building for the old henhouse. The water from the trough is used by the vegetable grower to irrigate his plants.

Our new fountain was designed by Erich Brunner, a stonemason whose workshop is located in Feldbach. It is made of sandstone from Bollingen, a village about 10 km east of Feldbach on the shore of the Obersee. At the time, this stone was one of the most important building materials in the construction of the Oberhaus.

fountain stand with inscription: “With you is the source of all life”

On the front of the fountain’s basin, you can read the year of its completion: 2023. On the side of its column, we had a Bible verse engraved as a sign of gratitude for what we are able to do here on the farm: “With you is the fountain of life” (Psalm 36:9).

Over the last few years, we have installed bathrooms in the Oberhaus, furnished recreation rooms, created terraces and made various other adjustments to make our guest’s stay on the historic Oberhaushof farm a pleasant one. The new fountain marks the end of this renovation phase; the B&B Oberhaushof is now structurally complete.

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