Renovation break from January to May: we are expanding the B&B

The new double rooms will be equipped with bathroom cubes that only interfere minimally with the interior design of the historic rooms.

From mid-January to the beginning of May, all rooms in the Oberhaus will remain closed. Only the holiday maisonette in the annex of the “Trotte” building will remain open for booking during this time.

The reason for this temporary closure is a pleasant one: we are expanding the bed & breakfast. In addition to the existing three studios in the Oberhaus, which can also be booked as double rooms, three new double rooms will be open to our guests from May.

The new double rooms will all be located on the first floor on the west side of the Oberhaus. These rooms were once used as family parlours or bedrooms. Until recently, they housed parts of the historic “traces of life” that we exhibit on the upper floors of the Oberhaus.

We will aim to preserve the historic flair of the new double rooms during the renovation. These rooms have a very different character from the studios; their design is very bourgeois with stucco ceilings and wallpaper. In one of the rooms, we can keep the original wallpaper, the other two will need to be repapered. All stucco ceilings will be gently restored.

Each room will also be equipped with a bathroom so that our guests will find everything they need. In order to interfere as little as possible with the interior design of the rooms, the bathrooms will be built into cubes that look more like furnishings than additional, separate rooms.

After the renovation, the rooms will mostly be furnished with furniture from the stock of the “traces of life”. In the south-western room, a four-poster bed built in 1734 and the corresponding closet will form the core of the furnishings. The middle room facing west will be furnished with furniture from Stefan’s paternal grandparents

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, Hedwig and Albert Bühler. In the north-western room, our guests will find furniture from Stefan’s maternal grandparents, Marie and Robert Wildberger.

From May, the bed & breakfast will include a holiday maisonette, three studios and three double rooms for a maximum of 22 guests. We are looking forward to it!

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