Find the secret treasure hidden in the Oberhaus

As you would expect in a grand old house, the Oberhaus is teeming with secret hiding places and ingenious locks waiting to be picked. Our children always loved to explore the house to the farthest corners when they were here on holiday. There were cupboards, nooks and crannies to crawl into everywhere. In addition, there were trunks, boxes and wall safes equipped with the most clever locking mechanisms imaginable, whose secrets wanted to be revealed.

Some of these secrets can now be discovered in a game of puzzles for the whole family. Our son Jonas and his girlfriend Esther developed the game for our guests. We don’t want to give too much away here, but the puzzles lead you through various rooms of the Oberhaus to a secret treasure in an ingenious hiding place. In the process

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, you will also find out something about the Oberhaus and its former inhabitants.

The game can be played by families staying in the studio “Säntis”. All it takes is a pair of attentive eyes and a bright mind. In addition, at least someone in the group should be able to read and write. Older children can solve the puzzles by themselves, younger children might need help from their parents. To receive the first clue, just approach Maja or Stefan.

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