Local apple juice and home-made lavender cushions

Picture: Yaser Amachi

Even though the Oberhaus is not housed by farmers anymore, the countryside around the Bed & Breakfast is still used for farming. This inspired Maja to offer our guests products from around here as souvenirs of your stay with us.

She placed a few old fruit crates in the large corridor of the Oberhaus and filled them with a seasonal range of products. Currently, we have apple juice, dried apple rings and apple mustard from fruit grower Kaspar Hunziker who lives right around the corner on offer, plus rape oil from Hombrechtikon. Soon, we will add seasonal dried fruits that we also receive from Kaspar Hunziker.

In addition to the food, we sell lovingly designed postcards by Monika Steins. Furthermore, our guests can purchase lavender and cherry stone cushions made with fabrics from the Oberhaus as a special souvenir. The cushions are hand-made by Rahel Werren, a friend of Maja.

So far, our little shop has met with great interest – especially the apple juice and the apple rings. We are planning to expand our offer soon so that you will have more local specialities and souvenirs to choose from. This way, you can still enjoy a little piece of Feldbach even after you have returned home.

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