Our plans become reality

In one of our last blog posts, we wrote about our plans for a recreation room with a kitchen in the former wash house. At the time, we were still waiting for the construction approval. Now, the approval has arrived, which means that we can start turning our plans into reality!

Last Thursday, we invited the neighbours to an aperitif on our garden terrace to celebrate the construction approval and inform them about the progress in the transformation of the rooms for the Bed & Breakfast. We showed them the studio “Etzel”, which has already been refurbished and is well booked, and received many compliments on the successful transformation, which made us very happy.

Next week, we will start with the construction work for the bathroom which will complement the double room “Glärnisch”. In addition, we will start with the refurbishment of the wash house, where we will build a recreation room with a kitchen for our guests and a seating area in front of the building. When it gets too cool in autumn to have breakfast on the terrace or in the covered seating area in the garden, we will also offer breakfast in the wash house.

We are happy that we can take the next step in the realisation of our vision for the Bed & Breakfast on the Oberhaushof farm!

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