Grandfather’s favourite armchair makes a comeback

Picture: Yaser Amachi

You can find a lot of upholstered furniture in the rooms of the Oberhaus. Some pieces are uncomfortably stiff, others are so soft you sink right into them. A few, however, are so comfortable they make you want to sprawl in them for hours. For a long time, a particularly pleasant piece of upholstered furniture stood in the former living room in the front parlour. It was the favourite armchair of Stefan’s father, Albert Bühler – a wing chair where you could read the newspaper, listen to the news or take an afternoon nap.

Picture: Martin Zeller

You could see that the chair had to be very comfortable. The upholstery with red and white stripes was faded on the seat, and the filling showed through on the armrests. After Albert Bühler’s death, the worn-out armchair remained in the corner of the living room and was occupied by the grandchildren whenever they visited.

The former living room has now been converted into a guest room for the B&B Oberhaushof. However, grandfather’s favourite armchair was not discarded. The old wing chair was provided with a stylish new upholstery by an upholsterer in Rapperswil and now forms part of a living room suite in the studio “Etzel” on the southwest side of the house. We hope it will provide the guests of the Bed & Breakfast with some more hours of relaxing.

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