Antique four-poster beds for our future guests

In spring, the B&B Oberhaushof will open its doors, and life will return to the Oberhaus. Our guests will stay in historic rooms furnished with old furniture from the house as well as more modern furniture. Two real gems are the four-poster beds from 1730 and 1734 which we have prepared for our guests.

For their use in the Bed & Breakfast, the beds received an upgrade. The old bedding, which consisted of a wooden frame stretching a net of knotted ropes and sacks filled with dry leaves as mattresses, would not have met today’s comfort standards. Moreover, the beds were simply too short for an adult person to stretch out and sleep in them today. In the past, people slept sitting halfway up. The width of the beds also did not meet today’s standards.

Carpenter David Schäfer adds new pieces to the old four-poster beds.

Organizing new bedding was not a problem. Increasing the length and width of the beds, however, proved more difficult. We commissioned the two four-poster beds to carpenter David Schäfer from Flugspan, who carefully disassembled them and added to the existing material where necessary. At first glance, you do not notice any changes. But if you look more closely, you can neatly trace what is original and what has been added. The original beds had been built of spruce and veneered with walnut. David Schäfer added pieces of spruce and stained them so that they took on a shade which was similar to the original parts.

The wooden nails were reused, too.

The first bed now stands in the so-called Chämmerli room on the ground floor. Together with the former salon, the Chämmerli forms a studio that can be booked from spring. Other rooms available will be a double room in the front parlour and another studio on the first floor. In a later stage, two more double rooms and a studio will be added. The second four-poster bed will be set up in one of these rooms.

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