Welcome to our hens

10 months ago, when we had decided to move from Winterthur to Feldbach and open up a bed & breakfast together on the Oberhaushof farm, Maja said right from the beginning: “I want to keep chickens on the farm!”

On Saturday, the moment finally arrived that the two bantams Lotta and Perle moved in with us. But before this could happen, we had to build the henhouse, buy an old mail wagon with steel-tired spoke wheels and bring it to the farm, put up a fence including bird protection netting, and what have you.

So now, the first two Barneveld bantams have arrived and are pecking their way through their patch of grassland. In this hot weather, they are often to be found in the shade under the mail wagon.

Perle, the black hen, has a feather dress that glows pearly green in the sunlight, and Lotta is patterned in shades of brown and grey. Over the next few weeks, more hens will join the two. Who knows which colours they will sport?

By the way: The hens have already paid rent; they have laid four eggs so far! Once the B&B will be open, Perle, Lotta and their yet unknown friends will delight our guests with their eggs for breakfast.

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