The first new feature is ready

Today, we finished the first new feature of the B&B Oberhaushof which will also be visible for the guests. It’s a wooden terrace in the garden. Before this, we mainly tidied up and disposed of what we no longer needed. Aside from that, we already did some refurbishment work in the background. But with the terrace, there is now the first completely new feature.

On this terrace, our guests can have breakfast, read a book or simply enjoy the view over the fields, the lake and the mountains. We will set up tables and chairs on the bright wooden planks, and one or two deck chairs for sunbathing and lazing around.

The terrace is positioned so that it overlooks the whole garden and the countryside stretching down to the lake, and it also captures the morning sun in an ideal way. The wooden terrace is attached to the covered seating area, which has been built here a long time ago. We are obviously not the first to see a convenient observation point in this corner …

Now that the sweaty work on the terrace is done, we go into the weekend satisfied. For the next week, we already have new exciting projects planned.

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